What is Content Services Platform (CSP)? The Complete Guide

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On January 2017, Gartner has officially retired the enterprise content management (ECM) terminology in favor of Content Services Platform.

So what happened?

Personally, i believe the industry researchers and leaders came to a fact that what they were preaching throughout the years is obsolete nowadays. Marketing having one ECM solution with a single repository as the only product an organization needs to achieve the digital transformation goal must be changed as companies ended up having multiple ECM solutions to manage their digital content and the missing integration between these solutions made it harder for employees to manage and locate information easily.

Content Services Platform Definition

Gartner has defined CSP as a set of services and micro services, embodied either as an integrated product suite or as separate applications that share common APIs and repositories, to exploit diverse content types and to serve multiple constituencies and numerous use cases across an organization.

In another language, a content service platform represents a new way of thinking of what users need to have to be able to make use of their most valuable asset (information) within the organization.

Users need to have integration between their various content management solutions to make it easier for them to locate, share, and use the data in their business processes and one of the standard offerings today is the integration with integration with Enterprise File Sharing and Synchronization like dropbox, box, etc.

More integrations could be with

  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Network Folders
  • Salesforce
  • etc.

in my next blog, i will be going through the CSPs must have modules and detail them. Stay tuned.

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