7 Best Knowledge Management Software of 2023

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Written By Haisam Abdel Malak

About: Haissam is a digital software product manager with 15 years of expertise in developing enterprise content management solutions. His core capabilities encompass digital transformation, document management, records management, business process automation, and collaboration.

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As we all know, knowledge sharing is important in any company. It helps to build a culture and maintain an open-mindedness. It also leads to better decision-making and collaboration. In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the 7 best knowledge management software, along with my top 3 choices, so that you can pick the best one.

The 7 best knowledge management software are Knowmax, Nuclino, Flowlu, Bitrix24Document360, Confluence, and HubSpot.

A knowledge management software is a tool that organizes and manages the information that is created in an organization. It helps organizations capture, store, and manage knowledge and information. It provides advanced capabilities that enable employees to access, share, and collaborate on knowledge assets, such as documents, articles, and videos.

The benefits of a knowledge management software are vast, but it is not without its challenges. In order to be effective, it must be able to handle a high volume of content and large amounts of data. It also needs to have the ability to scale up with new technologies as they emerge so that it can continue to keep up with changes in the market.

It is very critical for these solution providers to follow the latest knowledge management trends and update their systems accordingly to continue on adding value to their customers by helping to create an effective KM process.

Comparison of Best Knowledge Management Software

Best KM SoftwareFree TrialPriceDeployment
Knowmax YesN/ACloud, On-Premise
Nuclino Yes$5Cloud
Flowlu Yes$29Cloud
Bitrix24Yes$39Cloud, On-Premise
ConfluenceYes$5.5Cloud, On-Premise
table compares the best knowledge management software available in the market

What is the best Knowledge Management Software

Here are my picks for the best knowledge management software to help you effectively manage knowledge across your organization.

1- Knowmax

source: knowmax.ai

Knowmax is an AI-powered knowledge management software that helps companies to improve their retention rates, customer satisfaction, and implement their KM strategy.

It leverages the power of artificial intelligence to help employees create, share, and discover content. It has a unique user interface that can be used by anyone in the organization.

Knowmax’s knowledge platform is built on four key pillars:

1) Knowledge Hubs – Knowledge hubs are where all content created by team members are stored and managed.

2) Knowledge Graph – Knowmax creates a knowledge graph of all team members’ content which enables people to find similar topics across different documents, articles, blog posts, videos etc.

3) Content Discovery – It provides search features for people who need to find relevant information quickly without having to dig deep into content.

5) Team Collaboration – Work with different people from different countries in real-time via teams to create a single repository of information on the fly with document version control, commenting, code review and more.

Key Features

  • Find contextual information within seconds
  • Single source of truth for all your knowledge
  • Convert SOPs into an easy-to-use format
  • Accurate and faster search results
  • Seamless self-service support
  • Full support of knowledge retention


  • Capability of creating decision trees
  • Picture guides
  • Tickler & broadcast messages
  • Content rating
  • Knowledge base management


  • Decision trees takes a bit of practice


Knowmax has not provided pricing information


2- Nuclino

source: nuclino.com

Nuclino is one of the best knowledge management software that is designed to manage business information and automate knowledge sharing. It helps in creating a digital workspace for employees.

Nuclino Knowledge Management Software has evolved from the early days of the internet, where it was first used as an online collaboration platform for knowledge sharing. It has since evolved into a full-fledged enterprise software suite with features like content management, project management, document management, and more.

Nuclino is a good tool for any company that wants to make sure that their employees are working collaboratively on projects and sharing information in real time.

Key Features

  • Easy to use editor
  • Real time collaboration
  • Format content quickly with your keyboard via Markdown commands
  • Version history
  • Access rights


  • High value for money
  • Out of the box integrations
  • World class customers
  • desktop and mobile apps available
  • Device sync


  • No real offline usage


  • Free version up to 2 GB total storage
  • Standard: $5 / month / user


3- Flowlu

source: flowlu.com

Flowlu is a knowledge management software that provides an integrated platform for knowledge workers to manage their time and tasks, collaborate with colleagues, and share knowledge.

Flowlu provides the following functionalities:

– Time tracking: It enables users to track time spent on individual tasks or projects, as well as on overall activities.

– Collaboration: It enables users to collaborate with their team members and colleagues through a variety of tools.

– Knowledge sharing: It enables users to share knowledge across their company or organization by creating content that can be published to the company’s intranet or social media channels.

Flowlu is the perfect tool for any company looking to get more out of their content by creating an entire team around it.

Key Features

  • Real time collaboration
  • Intuitive editor
  • Metadata management
  • Lightning-fast search
  • Article categorization



  • Documentation needs improvement


  • Free: up to 1 GB storage
  • Team: $29 for 8 users
  • Business: $59 for 16 users
  • Professional: $119 for 25 users
  • Enterprise: $199 unlimited users


4- Bitrix24

source: bitrix24.com

Bitrix24 is a cloud-based platform that allows businesses to create, share and collaborate on documents, presentations and other digital content. It is a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration for teams of all sizes.

Bitrix24’s AI-powered knowledge management software helps users organize all of their information in one place so they can stay on top of projects and collaborate with colleagues more efficiently. It also has integrations with other tools like Slack, Trello, Google Calendar, Salesforce, Dropbox etc., which helps users stay organized no matter what tools they use for work or personal life.

It is simply a collaboration system with knowledge management features.

Key Features

  • Real time collaboration
  • CRM full functionality
  • Contact center
  • Manage tasks and projects


  • Free: up to 5 GB storage
  • Basic: $39 up to 5 users
  • Standard: $79 up to 50 users
  • Professional: $159 unlimited users


5- Document360

source: document360.com

Document360 is a document management software that helps business professionals create, collaborate and share knowledge with ease. It provides a centralized repository of all documents and knowledge, giving users the ability to manage their information in one place.

Document360 is a cost-effective document management software that helps businesses manage their content in one place. It is especially useful for companies who need to share information externally as well as internally. This means that it also has the ability to be used for collaboration purposes within the organization.

It provides enterprise-level content management capabilities at an affordable price point, making it an attractive option for small businesses or organizations looking for a low-cost solution.

Key Features

  • Advanced portal
  • Category manager
  • Markdown editor
  • Versioning & Rollback
  • Knowledge base traffic analytics


  • Free
  • Startup: $99 / project / month
  • Business: $249 / project / month
  • Enterprise: $499 / project / month


6- Confluence

source: atlassian.com

Confluence is an open-source software for knowledge management. It’s designed to help teams collaborate on projects and share information quickly.

Confluence is a wiki-based software that offers a platform for knowledge management. It’s designed to help teams collaborate on projects and share information quickly.

The best thing about this tool is that it can be used in any organization type, including small companies, startups, and large corporations alike.

Key Features

  • Advanced search & page tree
  • Knowledge management best practices templates
  • Jira integration
  • Real-time editing, commenting, and notification
  • Home & personalized feed
  • Announcements and blogs


  • FREE:
  • Standard: $5.50 / user / month
  • Premium: $10.50 / user / month
  • Enterprise

7- HubSpot Of Best knowledge management software

HubSpot is a software that provides knowledge management tools for companies, organizations and individuals.

HubSpot Knowledge Management Software helps companies to manage content more effectively, boost retention rates and improve customer experience. It also helps them to create a culture of knowledge sharing among employees.

Key Features:

  • Quick set up time
  • SEO capability
  • Engaging user experience
  • Performance insights tools


  • $360 per month for Professional Service Hub


What are the 3 major knowledge management systems?

The 3 major knowledge management systems are Knowmax, Nuclino, and Flowlu. These knowledge management (KM) solutions assist organizations in managing and controlling its entire knowledge management cycle, allowing employees to share and access these knowledge bases quickly, hence boosting productivity and innovation.

Is SharePoint a knowledge management system?

Of course, SharePoint may be used as a knowledge management system. It offers tools that let members of staff manage their information through document libraries. Through blogs, wikis, and real-time discussions using documents, images, videos, and other forms of digital media, it plays a significant part in enhancing team collaboration.

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