7 Best Customer Support Software in 2023

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Written By Haissam Abdul Malak

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There are many different types of customer support software available, and the best one for you will depend on your specific business needs. In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the 7 best customer support software, along with my top 4 choices, so that you can pick the best one.

The 7 best customer support software are Salesforce Service Cloud, Jira Service Management, SAP Customer Experience, Zoho Desk, Zendesk, Freshdesk, and Help Scout. 

In this digital age, taking care of your customer experience by improving overall customer support will give your company a competitive advantage. When a customer contacts your support, especially if you provide digital financial products or services, they expect a response within a few hours at most.

What is Customer Support Software?

Customer support software is a system that assists businesses to manage the complete lifecycle of their customers inquiries and issues. It offers with advanced capabilities including live chat, email management, knowledge bases, and the ability to prioritize service tickets which helps improve the overall customer service experience.

Organizations that provide the best customer service will be trusted by their users. When we want to subscribe to a new online service, the first thing we do is read the reviews and see what others are saying about their customer service level and transparency.

What is the main purpose of customer service software?

The main purpose of customer service software is to help organizations improve the efficiency and effectiveness of customer support operations, enhance the customer experience, and reduce the workload of customer support staff. In addition, it assists businesses track the complete lifecycle of incidents and inquiries.

Let’s get started reviewing the best customer support software available in the market.

Comparison of Best Customer Support Software

Free trialPriceRate
Salesforce Service CloudYesStarting $254.7/5
Jira Service ManagementYesStarting $474.5/5
SAP Customer ExperienceNoNot disclosed4.5/5
 Zoho DeskYesStarting $124.4
 ZendeskYesStarting $494/5
Help ScoutYesStarting 4/5

What is the best customer support tool?

1- Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce - customer support software

Service Cloud is one of the top customer support tools that provides a comprehensive view of customer interactions and support inquiries. Furthermore, it consolidates all support tickets from various channels such as live chat, phone, social media, and email into a single portal.

With the help of AI, this customer service software gives service representatives the information they need, delivers contextual recommendations, provides personalized experience, speeds up self-service, and empowers your team to find success in a fast manner.

Key Features

  • Automation & workflows
  • Case management
  • Knowledge management
  • Best in class integrations with major chat apps and others
  • Social customer service
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Omnichannel support


  • Essentials: $25 user/month
  • Professional: $75 user/month
  • Enterprise: $150 /user/month
  • Unlimited CRM power: $300 user/month

2- Jira Service Management

customer service management tool

JSM is a customer service management tool that is designed to help your team manage all types of customer service requests including support tickets and social media inquiries. Being part of the Atlassian Jira suite, it can allow team to automate the flow of requests through the service desk and have a complete overview of each request and control its lifecycle.

It provides an integrated knowledge base for storing and sharing reported issues and solutions and offers full integration with all other Jira products including Confluence to allow teams to assign service requests to tasks and track their status. 

This solution can be customized and personalized to fit any industry including IT, Manufactuing, Healthcare, and others.

Key Features

  • Request management
  • Incident management
  • Out of the box integration
  • Automated routing of tickets
  • Digital asset management


  • Free: always free for 3 agents
  • Premium: $47 per agent
  • Enterprise: custom pricing

3- SAP Service Cloud

SAP - service automation tools

SAP service cloud is a customer support software provided by the world leader enterprise solution provider SAP. It combines a set of service automation tools to help organizations manage customer inquiries and interactions, automate related workflows, and provide transparency about the complete process.

This tool offers the ability to manage the complete lifecycle of service starting from the customer interaction to issue resolution. The most important factor to know about is the out of the box integration tools to help automate the issue tracking process from A to Z.

Key Features

  • Ticket management
  • Personalization and customization
  • Workflow management for services and SLA management
  • Pre-built integration components
  • Email to ticket processing
  • Customer self-service
  • SLA management


  • 3 plans are available, and prices are not disclosed.

4- Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is one of the best customer support software that assists organizations to manage the complete flow of customer service operations. With its advanced capabilities, companies can streamline the CS process, automated related workflows, and provide the most personalized and user friendly digital experience.

It has been proven that organizations using Zoho Desk are able to improve the productivity of their customer support team by allowing them to quickly and efficiently answer queries, track requests, and monitor the flow.

They claim that their solution is being used by 100.000 companies worldwide including Zomato, McAfee, Daimler, and others.

Best for small and medium businesses.

Key Features

  • Integration with top apps including Google Workspace, Slack, Zappier, and Twilio.
  • Compliant with data protection laws
  • Customizable workspace
  • Omni channel and instant messaging
  • Live chat, social media, and email
  • Advanced AI capabilities


  • Standard: $12 agent / month
  • Professional: $20 agent / month
  • Enterprise: $35 agent / month

5- Zendesk


This customer service automation tool is the best when it comes to live chat, phone, and email ticketing. It is easy to use and provides a holistic overview to all the cases and their statuses. In addition, it provides a customer self service module across multiple channels including forums, knowledge base, surveys, chat, and so on.

Zendesk is well known for its enterprise grade ticking system that allows to create, track, respond to customers inquiries quickly. it offers an advanced analytics and reporting tools to help organizations keep track on team performance and highlight areas for improvements.

As most of the tools mentioned above, it also provides out of the box integrations to make it easier to manage all customer service operations.

Key Features

  • Automated responses
  • Ticket creation and submission
  • Routing and intelligence
  • Multi-Channel help including Customer portal, call scripting, IVR, and social integration
  • Real time collaboration
  • SLA management


  • Suite Team: $45 agent / month
  • Suite Growth: $79 agent / month
  • Suite Professional: $99 agent / month

6- Freshdesk


Freshdesk is a leading customer service software that helps organizations manage their customer interactions and support tickets. It offers an extensive list of capabilities including self-service portals, ticket management, knowledge base management, and forums. Their number one goal is to make the process of customer inquiries easy and efficient.

In addition, Freshdesk offers the ability to automate ticket routing and prioritization and support multi channels reporting including live chat, phone, social media, and email. When it comes to analytics, their business intelligence module provides deep insights into their customers experience and help identify areas of improvements.

Zendesk is trusted by 50.000 customers worldwide including Aramex, Bridgestone, Decathlon, and Pearson.

Key Features

  • Tickets organization and classification
  • Automatic responses
  • Smart reply
  • Easy to automate and customize
  • Powerful analyutis and reporting tools
  • Track SLA 


  • Free: up to 10 agents
  • Growth: $15 agent / month
  • Pro: $49 agent / month
  • Enterprise: $79 agent / month

7- Help Scout

Help Scout is one of the best customer support software that assists companies manage their customer interactions and support tickets. It offers an extensive list of capabilities including self-service portals, ticket management, knowledge base management, and forums while also providing the necessary tools to personalize and automate the customer service process.

In addition, Help Scout supports multi channels reporting including live chat, phone, social media, and email. When it comes to analytics, their business intelligence module provides deep insights into their customers experience and help identify areas of improvements.

Key Features

  • Tagging and classification of tickets
  • Automation made simple and doesn’t require IT knowledge
  • Good set of integration connectors
  • Excellent support

Which software is used in customer service?

The best software to be used in customer service is a customer support software. These tools offer multi channels support including live chat, email, phone, social media, and knowledge base. In addition, they provide a self-service portal to help the customers resolve their inquiries without getting back your support team.

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